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Clean Origin Review

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Clean Origin positions itself in the market with a focus on lab-grown diamonds, a choice appealing to those seeking alternatives to mined stones. This review aims to shed light on the quality of their offerings, particularly their diamonds and engagement rings, and to relay feedback from various customer experiences.

While Clean Origin may appear promising as a provider of lab-grown diamonds, concerns have been raised about the quality of their settings and their customer service. These issues are significant enough that they might influence potential customers to reconsider their choice. This introduction sets the stage for a detailed examination of these aspects, alongside a broader overview of feedback gathered from other customers and platforms such as Trust Pilot, Reddit etc.

Clean Origins Diamonds

Clean Origin advertises a selection of lab-grown diamonds primarily graded by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL), which are reputable entities in the diamond certification industry. While this grading is an asset, it's essential to dive deeper into how the diamonds are presented online and the overall buying experience provided by Clean Origin.

One initial concern with Clean Origin's website is its reliance on sample images for many of their diamond listings. Although some diamonds feature cinemagraphs that give a more dynamic view of the stone, accessing these visuals can be frustratingly unintuitive. The button to view these cinemagraphs is misleadingly designed, resembling more a symbol for shipping or recycling than a media option, which can confuse customers and obscure valuable product details.

Cinemagraph of this diamond is hidden under the button marked above

Furthermore, Clean Origin does not provide technical light performance images or videos for their diamonds. These tools are crucial for online diamond retailers because they help potential buyers understand the brilliance and quality of the stone through visual representation, which is particularly important when the physical viewing of the product is not an option.

Another drawback is the apparent scarcity of true hearts and arrows diamonds in their collection, which are often sought after for their superior symmetry and visual appeal. The selection tends to skew towards lower quality options, limiting customers who are in search of exceptional cut and clarity.

Clean Origin Engagement Rings

Clean Origin provides a modest selection of engagement ring settings that cover the major styles, such as solitaire, halo, and pave. This range, although limited, addresses the basic needs of customers looking for traditional designs. However, the lack of designer settings is noticeable and may be a drawback for shoppers seeking exclusive or branded designs that stand out from standard offerings.

Despite this limitation, Clean Origin does offer some unique options within their catalog, which might appeal to those looking for something different from the typical engagement ring. These unique settings can provide a distinctive aesthetic that sets them apart in the crowded market of engagement rings, catering to customers who desire a ring that reflects a personal style or story.

The Devon Ring from Clean Origin

The customization options, if available, are not prominently highlighted, which could be an area for improvement. Enhancing visibility and accessibility to customization could enhance the shopping experience, making it more engaging and personalized for buyers.

Clean Origin's engagement ring offerings include a satisfactory range of traditional styles and some unique options, the absence of designer settings could limit their appeal to customers looking for high-end or distinctly branded rings. Enhancing their collection with more diverse and premium options could potentially attract a broader audience.

Customer Experiences and External Clean Origin Reviews

When assessing Clean Origin through the lens of customer feedback and external reviews, the overall picture is mixed. On Trustpilot, Clean Origin holds a modest rating of 3.4, which indicates a variety of experiences. Common issues highlighted in these reviews include concerns over the quality of the products and disappointing experiences with customer service. These recurring themes suggest that while Clean Origin may offer some appealing options, the inconsistency in product quality and service can be a significant deterrent.

Reddit offers another perspective, albeit with very limited data. One positive review on a subreddit dedicated to engagement rings praised Clean Origin, but the subsequent deletion of the user's profile raises questions about the authenticity of the review. This occurrence might suggest potential manipulation of reviews, commonly known as 'astroturfing', where reviews are fabricated or posted by company affiliates to improve the brand's public perception. This type of activity can mislead potential customers and damage trust in the brand.

On SiteJabber, the reviews are generally more favorable compared to Trustpilot, yet the small number of reviews available makes it challenging to gauge a comprehensive consensus on the company’s performance. The limited feedback could imply that while those who have a good experience are satisfied, they are not as compelled to leave reviews, or it could simply reflect a smaller customer base compared to other more prominently reviewed competitors.

The customer feedback for Clean Origin presents a varied spectrum of experiences, from satisfactory to problematic. Prospective buyers should weigh these reviews carefully, considering the potential issues with quality and customer service that have been reported. This due diligence is crucial in making an informed decision on whether to purchase from Clean Origin, especially for significant investments such as engagement rings.


Based on the evaluation of Clean Origin’s offerings, customer service, and external reviews, potential buyers should approach with caution, especially those in search of high-performance diamonds. While Clean Origin provides an array of lab-grown diamonds and unique engagement ring settings, the concerns regarding the quality of their settings and inconsistent customer experiences are notable drawbacks. These issues are compounded by the inadequate presentation of their products online, particularly the lack of detailed imaging and technical performance data, which are essential for making informed purchases remotely.

For those prioritizing the quality and performance of their diamonds, Whiteflash emerges as a preferable alternative. Their Precision Lab diamonds are renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, making them a superior choice for buyers seeking top-tier stones.

Additionally, for shoppers whose primary concern is budget, Blue Nile and James Allen offer competitive pricing along with a broader selection of products. Both retailers have established reputations for providing good customer service and a more reliable online buying experience.

While Clean Origin might attract those interested in sustainable, lab-grown diamonds, the concerns highlighted in this review suggest that other vendors could better serve the needs of most consumers, especially those looking for high-quality diamonds or more budget-friendly options without compromising on customer service.